Who We Care For

We look after those vulnerable adults who can no longer look after themselves.

We give them a safe, yet stimulating environment in which they can continue to enjoy their lives.

We care for people who have mental illness, Alzheimer’s, dementia, sensory disorder, physical disability and clients with palliative care needs.

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What We Do

We provide care and accommodation for the over 50’s who suffer from mental illness and we help them lead as normal a life as possible.

We are able to do this because we have the best trained nurses, carers and well being teams who embrace our core culture, which is the wellbeing of every client. This means we focus on giving them the life they want and not simply on managing the disease.

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What We Won’t Do

To ensure our clients have the best quality of care and of life possible we won’t purposefully do anything that will diminish their physical, psychological and emotional well being.

We commit to the well being of every client in our home. We endeavour to actually enhance their daily lives with stimulating, evidence-based care and attention that can result in less medication and improved health and well-being over time.

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We Give You the Care You Need Whilst You Enjoy the Life You Want










Difficult Behaviour


Capulet Care
Capulet Care is the brand of Juliet Briggs, the owner of Woodford House and Perton Manor. This brand ties these and future specialist care homes that she owns, together. It portrays the culture and values that she holds dear, which is centred around dignity and well-being and her ethos of “Creating The Motivation for Life”. Capulet Care provides central resource, support and training to Juliet’s homes.

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