Woodford House

Enhancing daily lives and Improving health and well being with stimulating care and attention.

What we do

Our core strength lies in the excellent nursing care that we deliver to our clients. Qualified nurses are on duty 24 hours a day working alongside our experienced team of carers.

We assess and evaluate each client’s circumstances and health on a regular basis which is a key element in delivering the appropriate care each individual needs wants and needs.

We are committed to providing the very highest standard of care and all of our care staff receive extra and on-going training.

We provide a warm and welcoming environment to meet the needs of clients in order for us to offer independence and stimulation as possible within safe boundaries.

We recognise that no two people are the same and our care programmes are designed to work with each client’s individual personality. We provide a range of activities designed to promote well-being.

Central to our culture  is the well-being of our clients. Our aim is always to deliver beyond simply an ‘adequate’ quality of care but to give our clients the individual care and attention they need but also want in order to live their lives as fully as possible and “Create the Motivation for Life.”

We pride ourselves on the activities provided for all of our clients. Well-being plays a major part in daily life at our homes and assist us in delivering the holistic care that helps our clients feel truly at home.

Our specialist, dedicated well-being team ensures a wide variety of entertainment and stimulation is provided. Activities are developed to match hobbies and interests for all clients in our care.

    Activities include

    • Arts & crafts
    • Games
    • Celebrations / Parties
    • Outings
    • Music
    • Garden games
    • External events
    • Seasonal events

    We regularly organise outings from trips to the local pub through to days out at the seaside and places of interest, whilst most days clients and staff participate in in-house games, craft sessions, cooking and baking, singing, dancing and cinema events.

    Woodford House clients enjoy birthdays and anniversaries and major calendar events such as Christmas & Easter are all celebrated and give us the opportunity to involve as many of our clients as possible in the celebrations.

    Families are encouraged to get involved with all of the events. We ask families for suggestions and clients will ask us to host an event for their family members. We try to achieve total well-being for all of the family, not just for the clients.

    Woodford House - mothers day cafe
    daytrip to grand pier

    What We Won’t Do


    Because the well being of our clients is central to our culture we will neither compromise on the care we give them nor on their well being.

    This means there are a number of things we won’t ever do.

    We won’t…

    • Return people to hospital because we can’t manage their needs. We train all of our staff to the highest level so that they are able to manage clients with the highest needs.
    • Hire staff with the wrong qualities. It can be hard getting the right staff and easy to compromise because you need people. We won’t do that. We have a long-term view and will only hire people who have the right attitude and who want to be there because they care and want to make a positive difference to the lives of our clients
    • Reduce the robust training required to ensure the best care is given.
    • Not do something for a resident because it’s difficult or inconvenient
    • Take a client at a fee that will compromise the care that person needs
    • Take people who aren’t right for the home. If we think the person would not fit in with the current client group, would struggle with the environment or to communicate with other clients we would refuse to admit the client into our care. We would also refuse to admit anyone who we feel does not need the level of care that we provide and who may therefore not feel happy being in our home.  Under these circumstances we may be able to recommend appropriate care elsewhere.